Guide By Your Side

Dear Parents,

We are here to help. Idaho Hands & Voices is a parent to parent support group for families whose children have hearing loss. Most of our families are just like yours. 95% of us were surprised by the diagnosis as most of us do not have family members who are deaf or hard of hearing and are not familiar with hearing loss. You likely spent little, if any, time thinking about the chance that your child would have a hearing loss. You are not alone. Idaho Hands & Voices is made up of a group of parents who have been in the same situation and can offer support through the Guide by Your Side Program.

Guide by Your Side is a parent-to-parent support group. Referrals come to us from newborn hearing screenings through Idaho Sound Beginnings and from other professionals. We reach out to those identified families to answer questions, offer support, provide information and help them connect with other parents of children with hearing loss. We can offer unbiased information and guidance. We have walked in your shoes and want to support you and your family through this challenging time. As parents of deaf or hard of hearing children ourselves, we have shared similar feelings, asked the same questions and watched our children grow and thrive. We want to provide hope and help to your family as you make your way through this journey. It is our goal that every deaf or hard of hearing child and their family, thrive and grow together to achieve their fullest potential. The following is a collection of information about hearing loss that many other families have found to be helpful. We invite you to use this resource to help in your search for answers and choices. Please contact us with questions and concerns via email at

Idaho Hands & Voices, Guide by Your Side

Idaho Hands & Voices is a part of an outreach team to newly diagnosed families of children with hearing loss.